Is Robotic Solar Installation The Wave Of The Future?

There’s a reason why you don’t see folks flying around in hover cars these days.

For all the futuristic foresight of yesterday’s science fiction writers, very few of them were able to predict that the major innovations which were to lead us out of the twentieth century would be information- rather than energy-based. Nevertheless, they did get one thing right: Robotic helpers and workers have been transported directly out of the pages of the pulps and are now ubiquitous.

The Melding of Robots & Solar Panels

It’s 2013 and we’re just now getting back to energy-based innovation, after being short-stalled in 1980 by the abolition of the alternative energy programs instituted during the Carter years. Moreover, this innovation is beginning to meld seamlessly with our advances in robotics, and the benefit of this union is clear. Solar panels do save money, and so does their installation by robotic machinery.

It seems, though, that solar technology itself is still in its infancy. One square meter of solar panel generates 145 watts of energy, enough for two light bulbs—three if you squint. They’ll shrink in time, but for the moment, the things can be fairly large. A modern solar power plant would have to be paneled with a couple of million square meters at least.

Cutting Costs in Solar Installation

That leaves us with the option to cut costs wherever possible. Which means that, until they do shrink, the biggest expenses are to be found in installation. Cue the robot revolution.

Two companies in Germany are leading this innovation. Using robotic machinery mounted on tank treads, what used to be done with 35 workers is now done with three—and in one-eighth of the time. Human laborers do assist, following along behind and, to put it somewhat coarsely, checking the work. However, the results do speak. Shout, actually. A 14-megawatt power plant would normally cost $2 million. Introduce a few robots and that cost suddenly deflates to $900,000. When it comes to whether to replace human labor with robotics, that kind of financial report makes our decision for us. These companies plan to make Germany 80 percent solar-reliant by 2050.

Part of the installation efficiency is a cheat, so to speak. Robot workers achieve their timely results by being able to work virtually non-stop, in every kind of weather, without human necessities. This isn’t a new discovery. Science fiction told us this back in the 1930′s. But those who plotted the costs of solar energy based on panel technology alone happened to miss that fact. The melding of energy and information is going to be increasingly responsible for many a reassessment of future costs.

Robotic labor, as has been stated more creatively elsewhere, carries with it a host of philosophical issues. We can laugh now at the threats of robotic revolution depicted in cheesy sci-fi thrillers, as we laugh now at their grandiose plans of a sky full of ships. But revolutions don’t happen under the nose. That’s what makes them revolutionary. Space tourism flights are being booked as we speak. The present needs futurists capable of factoring in the unforeseen, an unknown x variable like the one that has the power to move an acre of metal while we sleep.

This article was written by Nicole, a blogger who has spent many years researching and writing about the newest solar energy and solar installation innovations.

Installing Solar Panels – What Goes Into the Job?

As more homeowners become environmentally-conscious, the idea of adopting alternative energy is growing in popularity. One of the more popular options has always been solar power, using the warmth of the sun to produce energy. As technology has evolved, it’s now possible to install solar panels in residential homes, allowing families to “get off the grid” and say goodbye to high electrical bills. While installing solar panels requires specialized knowledge, it has been made easy enough for almost any person to complete.

The Right Calculations
Before installing the panels, a person needs to determine how many will be needed. To do so, an electric bill from the previous month showing usage from the previous several months will be needed. Using an online solar calculator, it’s important to find out the average number of hours of sunlight where you are located. After doing so, it’s a matter of dividing how many watts of power a home uses daily by the hours of sunlight, and then taking the number of watts needing to be produced daily and dividing that into the type of panel needed. Solar panels come in different watts, such as 500 watts and so on, so individual results will vary as to how many will be needed.

Get Off The Grid
While the initial cost of converting to solar energy can sometimes run into tens of thousands of dollars, there are many options homeowners have to greatly reduce the cost. One of the most popular is to do business with a solar energy provider, which is run very similar to a regular electric company. The solar energy provider will evaluate the home and its energy needs, install all necessary equipment for free in exchange for the homeowner agreeing to pay a monthly fee, much like they had been doing with electricity. To make sure this will be economical, compare the current electric rates with what the solar energy company is quoting. Usually the savings will be substantial, so many people opt for this method. Others are determined to go their own way, and build their own panels with materials found in hardware stores or obtain discarded panels in need of slight repairs. Whatever method is chosen, people determined to “get off the grid” usually find a way to do so.

The Installation
If installing panels yourself, it’s not that difficult. Locate them facing the sun and with little obstruction to sunlight, attaching them to the rafters to ensure a secure hold. After drilling the holes and bolting them in place, make sure they are flush with the roof so they will be able to draw in as much energy as possible. Once all this is done, simply connect them to the power inverter. A line should be run from the solar panels to the power inverter, which is found inside the home. Once this is done, a homeowner is officially “off the grid” and using nature’s energy to power his house and everything inside. Installation is pretty easy, with most panels able to be installed in no more than two or three days if all goes as planned.

Jason Kane is a former construction foreman and avid blogger. Jason writes for www.FallProtectionUSA.com, a provider of construction safety equipment.


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Hiring A Qualified Solar System Brisbane Installer – What You Need To Know

It’s a fact that non-renewable energy is becoming more and more expensive. As such, people are turning to feasible alternatives and solar energy is one of them. Homeowners and businesses owners as well as on the lookout for earth-friendly energy sources, a great initiative since the tendency now is to focus on going green. If you are seeking for the same solution, you can either set up your own solar power panels or hire a solar system Brisbane installer to do the work for you.

However, it is important to keep in mind that there are a couple of things that you must consider if you want the best results. With solar power becoming more and more popular, businesses are tapping into this lucrative market, and so, it can be hard for a person to figure out who the best man for the job is. This article, however, will give you a few pointers on choosing a solar system Brisbane company.

Solar Energy Brisbane & Gold Coast
First, inquire about the certification, experience and qualifications of the company’s staff. An experienced team of experts can handle the job with utmost accuracy as they would have vast experience having done many similar solar power system installations.

Next, see if the company has skilled and certified electricians and roofers as well. This is very important since solar power system installation has a lot to do with intricate electric components and only a specialist can handle the job properly. Also, if the panels are being installed on your roof, a roofer is required to accompany the team of installers.

It is also important that the solar company has a registration number and ensure that they are properly registered with a well-known agency.

Normally, a reputable company would offer advice with your interests at heart when recommending designs that are ideal for your home or business place. Also, it’s imperative that you talk to the installers about your property and ask about the number of solar panels you will need.

Another crucial thing to do is inquire about insurance. This is to cover unforeseen damages. At the very least, the company should have liability insurance.

Chances are you already know that solar system Brisbane installation is an expensive but feasible alternative to conventional electricity. However, if you do your homework and hire the right team, it can be quite rewarding in the long term as you will get to cut down on your power costs while making the earth a better place.

Best Solar Panels Perth Professionals Near You

Did you know that solar panels are now less expensive than they have been in decades. This is because many of the companies have received funding in the form of grants that has allowed them to do incredible amounts of research. This research has allowed them to produce better solar panels and solar voltaic cells. Because of their ability to produce more electricity with the same amount of light, they are much more efficient. They are also less expensive than before, even with a higher output. Combine that with the fact that many electric companies are actually helping people get these installed, offering to help them pay for their solar panels through their electric bill, it’s a win-win scenario for everyone. The only thing that the consumers need to do is find a company in Perth that offers the lowest prices and the most efficient equipment.

Where To Find The Best Solar Panels Perth Professionals

You can find these professionals very quickly by asking people that you know that have recently installed some on top of their house. Additionally, you can look on the Internet for review websites that will allow you to find these companies quickly and see what others have said about the services that they provided. Those that have the highest amount of positive feedback are the companies that you will want to contact, at the very least, to get an estimate. Once you have this information, you will be able to make a choice based upon the total cost, when they can do the installation, and the quality of the solar panels that will be installed.

Is This A Wise Investment?

In the past, it might have been more of a novelty or luxury to have because you could simply afford to have solar panels installed on your home or business. Today, it is a very wise decision to make. You will pay off your solar panels in just a few years, and by having them add more than you need, you can actually pay them off much more quickly and soon have a part-time business doing nothing but producing free electricity.

If you are going to get solar panels at some point in time, you may as well start looking for companies in Perth that offer this type of service. You can get the best solar panels Perth professionals working for you, and in no time at all, you are going to have state-of-the-art solar panel arrays creating electricity on a daily basis.

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